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Hi! I'm Sylvi.


For many years, me and my husband have run mid-week Christian clubs for church and non-church kids. I jumped at the chance of looking after the Bible story related craft, being arty. This can be a challenge when life gets a bit hectic as I tried to think up new designs every week.  I was always looking out for something to help with that challenge. Through years of building up craft work ideas, God put on my heart to create books from them to send out across the world as an easy way for youth leaders to explore biblical stories with chrildren. 

I want leaders to be excited about making the craft themselves so they can inspire the kids. I hope this book can be a great aid and blessing to leaders, as well as small groups and individuals. 

When George Whitfield was asked what inspires people to listen to his preaching, he said, "I set myself on fire and people come to watch me burn".

My prayer is that leaders will have unabatable zeal, determination and surpassing joy in their work. 

God bless.

-Sylvi -
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